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let my hands ...

Tác giả: Trần Viết Minh & Thanh
Let my hands touch your face
Delicate, captivating lines
Close your dark brown eyes,
Let me embrace your feelings

Feel my strokes between your hair
Soft black layers of dream
Let me remove all traces of despair
That form those frowns on your skin

Let my hands feel your body
Gentle caress of desire
Allow me to awake your fantasy
Gently brings it to reality

Let my hands transform to a soul
Strong enough to erase your sighs
Let me take you away from the harshíp of time
Allow me to open all your secrets in the night

With the gentle strokes of my hands
Let me enter the boundary of your heart
Passionate, burning or desirable
Let me touch the brinks of your dream

Let me feel you tremble upon my touches
Then, in the silence of darkness
Let me hear the moaning of your happiness
And I know all sorrowful past is a mere breath.

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