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ga si tinh va con chim ong ( the hummingbird)

Tac gia: Trieu Nguyen Tam
Ga Si Tinh

Ga tinh si dem lao vao anh lua
Ga tu biet minh hon chay thieu than
Xac than bay tro tan tan con mong
Manh hon hoang hoai vong moi tinh cam.

Ga gao len xin mot lan ao uoc
Duoc cam tay qui goi xuong nhin nang
Nhu thang gu o nha tho Notre Dame
Vui long nhan mui ten con ri mau.

Trieu Nguyen Tam
November 3, 2020

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird returns
After winter so cold turned
The wind blew so hard it broke the lantern
The snow falling, covered the whole mountain,

So white it hurts my eyes
But the nights remained so dark
So dark even the light of the stars
Couldn’t go through.

But finally the winter ended
And the hummingbird flying again
Flying so pretty with wings flapping so fast
And standing still in space

Just like a helicopter
with its heart beating
Two thousand times a minute
In a complete silence.

The wonderful bird makes you wonder
Why it is so amazing? So delicate but so powerful !!!
So fragile but extremely fast !
Better than any machine that mankind created

So there must be a god in this world
Who created so much wonder for human to enjoy life
But tragically,
We, human, are the most crazy beasts.

We kill and hate each other so much
With such atrocity that even hell can't compare
Where is love ?
Your love? My love ?

Does love ?? even exist !!!
Please let me know if you want to see the hummingbird
Flying again
And again?

Trieu Nguyen Tam
April 1, 2021.

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