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hoang hon trong mat em

Tac gia: Truong Dinh
bau troi chieu nay sang trong
lap lanh muon sac cau vong
chim dam trong mat em nong
doi anh uom vao giac mong

em la troi dem choi voi
noi anh tim tru cuoc doi
em la nang sang diu ngoi
moi cuoi rang no uoc mo

em co biet mat troi chieu le loi soi bong
nhu thoang nhin em cuoi trong mong
em co biet trang co lieu toa anh sang nga
dieu voi trong mat em ngoi xa

xin bau troi dem nay len cao
va doi ta se tim ve nhau...
trong mat moi khat vong hom nao
cho vong tay suoi am tinh trao

ta hat vang loi ca say dam
hoang hon ve trong mat duyen to

nay em hoi, anh nho nu cuoi em dem thau
anh mong cho tinh yeu chap doi canh nhiem mau
vuot tren ngon song dai duong mo
doi em la canh buom bien khoi
em hay den cho dam me huong sac
cho tinh xanh trong dem vang ngat ngao

(loi dich Viet: Quach Nam Dung & Truong Dinh)

Twilight In Your Eyes

beautiful sky
of rainbow-twilight
in your loving eyes
that's all i would dream of you tonight
you're the spacious sky
for sheltering my life
youre the glorious light
for glistening my smile

oh, the lonely sun rises in the night
like the shadow of your pretty smile
oh, the silver-moon curves the night
like the beauty in your deep eyes

let the sky go high
in your lustful eyes
your embrace is my love life
for you and i will sing a song of trailing vine
for you and i will be the twilight in the eyes
darling, i miss your smile tonight
will your fragile wings fly above ocean tide
you're the sea-butterfly ... for my passion ... tonight ...

Truong Dinh

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