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hoa no tham long lanh

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien
Nhu con mua di vang
Anh ve tranh muon phien
Dong song khuya lang dang
Mo chay long thien nhien

Nhu trai tim rat hien
Gio hu hao khac khoai
Anh biet tinh hien hien
Tren noi long nguoi ngoai

Vang trang em lac loai
Tren mat ho hoang vang
Anh viet tinh nhan loai
Tren tieng tham bang lang

Chim nho xua canh bang
Ma bay gio gay canh
Dem lo ngo tinh lang
Hoa no tham long lanh
tran minh hien orlando ngay 22 thang 8 nam 2013
I want to confess my love for the hatred
Just simply because I have an ambition to convert hatred to love
Life is full of unexpected and unwanted
But it’s not the only things that we can have as we needed

Time goes by and leaves behind the trail of depression
I want to sort it out to become inspiration
Still, everything can go wrong any time as we can’t control
The future is here at this very moment for us to console
tran minh hien orlando August 22, 2013

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