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tinh cha

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien

Tinh cha cao voi

Cho con ngay thang

Am tham mong doi

Nhung mua xuan sang

Tinh cha dia dang

Cho con doi song

Dai duong anh sang

Cuoc doi menh mong

Tinh cha ruc hong

Cho con tri hue

Coi doi vong dong

An tinh chan que

Tinh cha neo ve

Cho con giac ngo

Mua nguon chop be

May troi lo nho

tran minh hien orlando ngay 14 thang 6 nam 2013


I am the happiest son in the world because of my father

He is the best fighter for his children and he is my best supporter

Time is gone by but his love remains the same

He teaches us how to learn and how to deal with shame

Listening to my Dad's advice, I get all of what I want

Keep doing our best, never losing faith and ever being afraid of slant

Keep praying and being responsible, always and forever

Having a gentle, kind, open-minded and getting better and better

tran minh hien orlando June 14, 2013

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