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em cham vao trai tim anh

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien
Em cham vao trai tim anh
Nghe tieng mua xuan long lanh
Dem nay dat troi lanh lanh
Non na mau sac khung tranh

Em cham vao trai tim anh
Ngo nhu giot tinh song sanh
Lung linh soi buon goc canh
Dat dao, tha thiet, mong manh

Em cham vao trai tim anh
Lang gio song ho mong manh
Nhu dong thoi gian chong vanh
Tren tung ky uc am thanh

Lao xao hanh phuc chong chanh
Em hat bai ca than thanh
Ru trang, ru long phuoc hanh
Em cham vao trai tim anh
tran minh hien orlando ngay 6 thang 1 nam 2014
UNTITLED 01062014
I know it’s really hard to love you
But I also know that I am not just a cue
We can go all the way to the end of future
But we still can not find the way of the fracture

The rain batters my sensitive heart
and your imagination opens to my new abstract art
Love is so sweet that nobody can resist
And we should fall into our own traps to become waiting list
tran minh hien orlando January 6, 2014

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