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gio vuon que toi !

gio, gio.... gio , dua huong hoa buoi , no ,
cuoi duong de !
gio lay canh truc , dua suong, hoang hon !
gio, chim con hat !
khap vuon Que Huong
gio, gio thoang cuoi duong , giang , giang muon loi ,
gio cuon dang mua ,
tham nuoc lon rong ,
gio ru trang to, lang lang ngat troi.
mang mien rung nui , trang que.
tieng long cay la, bon mua, tinh yeu.

gio , gio cuon nuoc chay mien xuoi
anh dua em , cuoi neo duong hoa , no ,
khap moi mien !
nuoc trong xanh, gio thoi , chap chung ,
vung bien khoi !

dao dat muon doi !
gio vuon Que toi !

gio lua khung cua !
gio ve mien xuoi !

viet tuong tu

July 11/2018 , Wednesday

wind, wind .... wind , bring fragrance flowers grapefruit
bloom ,
end of the dike !
wind , lay branches , take the dew , sunset !

wind, birds singing !
in the garden of Que Huong
wind , wind , wind, wind ,
wind rolling rain ,
pure water ,

The wind shakes the moon , sky high .
bring the forest forest moon mountain village .
the heart of four - season love leaves

wind , wind rolling down the drainage
I take you , end of the road flowers , bloom , all over the domain !

blue water ,

wind blows , slack , the sea !

eternal life !

wind garden my hometown !
the wind slides the door frame
wind on the plain

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