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nhan duoc thu em

Tac gia: Hoang Ngoc Van

Thy letter I received at the end of a winter evening
My heart got pangs, it’s too cold, I think
“Thy children’re hungry, thy shelter went roofless
And then thou remindeth me about ‘faithfulness’ ”.

Those days, we both were under the same school
Playing together and ignore any sorrows we’ll own
Suddenly the war was spreading to our hamelet
Thy tearful farewell followed me to the last station
I left

For guns & smoke to scatter in the battlefields
Love letters were unfrequently sending to thee,
then no news
So as wrongly thinking of my loyalty thou’rt wedding
I remained with my fighting career with dew & wind

Thou’rt now becoming widow sticking with
three infants
I gave up the weapons for an exile in this
foreign country
I received thy letter, I felt very fond of thee
And so moving for thy children - the poor orphans !



Nhan duoc thu em chieu cuoi Dong,
Long toi se that lanh vo cung.
Than : con em doi, nha bay noc,
Roi nhac : “thuo nao tieng thuy chung” !

Hai dua ngay xua mot mai truong,
Tung tang nao biet moi sau vuong.
The roi chinh chien lan lang xom,
Em tien toi di tan cuoi duong...

Khoi lua... toi lan loc chien truong,
Thu tinh thua thot gui nguoi thuong.
Em lam. Tui phan, theo duyen moi,
Toi kiep phong tran voi gio suong...

Ba dua con tho... Em goa chong,
Anh buong vu khi, buoc luu vong.
Duoc thu, nuc no... thuong em qua,
Thuong dam con coi... that nao long...!

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