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ao anh doi

Tac gia: Nhuoc Thu
Nguoi post tho len ao anh doi
Lam toi cung chot thay nghi toi.
Niem vui ai biet, sau toi biet
Va ca tho kia cung lo roi.

Nguoi muon tho chun trang trai mong
Nhung dong nhac xe nua hon toi
Ve dau trong nhung tho chua viet
Chot thay trong buon cung co toi..

Co phai chang doi luon doi gian
Nen tho ai det le tuon ngan
Tim trong hu ao niem chi do
Mot chut tin ho hay doi gian..?

Nguoi da yen chua mot goc doi
Goc nay thao thuc Me man coi
Vi trong dem thanh nghin nam cu
Chua bo quen nguoi quen ca toi....



You post the poem depicting life’s mirage
Enticing me to question my existence
Where is bliss, around me is only sorrow,
As shown in those poetic lines.

Through the verses, an abundant dream was cast
With musical phrases tearing my soul,
In future lyrics not yet written,
I see myself among seeds of sadness.

Is it true that life is pretense,
Across the tapestry of verses, tears are shed,
While searching in the mirage,
A little truth or lie as answers.

Are you settled in this life’s destination?
In this corner, guards the Virgin Mother,
For, during the Holy Night many eons ago,
Christ has forgotten you and me

Translated by Binh Nhung

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