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con gio la

Tac gia: Cat Bien
Em uom gio la thoi dem dong
Rot chen tuong giao giot am nong
Hoi sinh nguon gio rung hoang song
Lay chuyen doi thong, thuc nui song

Em tu dinh kiep ao hoang so
Nuong got chan tho anh nguyet mo
Mot hom be khoa ta tim nho
Theo gio troi ve noi dinh mo

Gio thoi song doi men bach huong
Duoi bat giang vay khach dam truong
Trai trong dem vang vang am huong
Em co nghe loi van gio suong?

Ta mo cua hong don khai nguyen
Gio keo troi di chuoi muon phien
Nguoi oi trong chut duyen van chuyen
Xin gio trao dum ta noi rieng

Cat Bien

Ban dich sang Anh Ngu

You build up a fresh wind to cheer up the winter
Exchanging warm cups of intimacy,
Revive the gusting air to enliven the savage forest,
Sway trees on the hillside,
Awakening mountains and rivers.

Coming from a predestined course of primal elements,
By poetic steps, you open the moon path.
One day, unlocking the gate of longing,
I drift back to the dreaming crest.

The wind blows, sowing the ferment from life's thousand scents
Ensnaring the traveler on the long trek,
Rolling out the rich harmonies in the serene night.
Do you hear the plaints to the wind and dew?

I open the rosy door to welcome the fresh renewal
The new wind has blown away the string of worries.
To the predestined affinity,
Carry my feelings, O Wind!

Binh Nhung

Cat Bien

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