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thoi tinh cho vo

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien
Nghe tieng thoi gian
buoc dai lang le
dem vang vo han
lac loai sat se

nghe tieng cay se
mua thu mat ngu
khuya tan quanh que
cuoi duong am u

nghe tieng mit mu
ben doi quan tai
dem mau huyet du
dam buon tan phai

nghe tieng miet mai
dong song tan vo
gio mua vo ngai
thoi tinh cho vo
tran minh hien orlando ngay 20 thang 11 nam 2013
I break my own heart to fulfill my promise
My poetry wants to do its own prefix
Love is crazily demanding so everyone lags behind
I understand the consequences of regrind

I’m taming my chronological headache to chill out my pain
It is so dark but it will not rain
The endeavor we follow is just silly hoax
Are you going to give up for the junk mail filled the inbox
tran minh hien orlando November 20, 2013

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