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mua xuan den cho em

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien
Mua xuan den cho em hong doi ma
Cho nhung uoc mo chay bong giua doi
Binh minh thap nhung an tinh ky la
Co thoi gian moc kin chan troi

Mua xuan den cho em thoi cho doi
Anh da ve day trong nang tuoi hong
Dong song thuc sau mua dong voi voi
Vang tham canh mai ruc ro canh dong

Mua xuan den cho em niem vui song
Lap lanh long lanh lo lung la lung
Mua hanh phuc uop huong nong tho mong
Thanh thot du duong dan khuc vo cung

Mua xuan den cho em nhieu an sung
Am ap diu em huyen dieu ngot ngao
Vang trang ve buc tranh tinh chuc tung
Ngay ngat say me tuyet dieu dang trao
tran minh hien orlando ngay 16 thang 1 nam 2014
From the last day of winter to the first day of spring
We have so many ways to sing
The coldness brings us disappointment
But warmer days will give us the excitement

I know what it takes to get here
We are about to get to the best sphere
Time is wonderful for everything that we expect
You’re beautiful for something we respect
tran minh hien orlando Jannuary 16, 2014

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