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sadness desert - noi buon sa mac

Sadness desert

Author: Quoc Hung Nguyen Cao

O night desert called solitary
Silly sand creased Stargazing
Loved, grief themselves someday
Vanish along this desolate sadness

Moon shines cold shadow white sand
Casuarina pines waving thousands of remote wind
Stellar sky dream silk luster
Sparkling woven endless galaxy

A planet earth where hatred
Between people often create misery
Deep pits sinister heart colorless
Are harmful to all living organisms!

What does religious doctrine only thing
What does biblical demons arguments
People kill people nor begged forgiveness
Bring widespread despair by date!

Sad desert desolate sadness
Talking with someone who knows the same share?
Tear mind that u nostalgic embrace
Find a life quiet calm

In the silence that came to piety
Earth love both natural water garden
Along dream watering to the regions
Bring rich vibrant green

This truth is shaped inspiration
Live life to the people not only because we
Mountain river romantic love harmony
Hugging wrapped around the immense arch of heaven and earth!




Tac gia: Quoc Hung Nguyen Cao

Sa mac goi oi dem dai tich mich
Tren cat nhau ngo ngan ngam trang sao
Niem yeu thuong sau kho tu hom nao
Nay tan bien cung noi buon hoang vang

Trang bong lanh chieu soi bo cat trang
Rang phi lao phe phay gio ngan xa
Troi trong mo anh tinh tu lua la
Long lanh det giai ngan ha vo tan

Noi trai dat mot tinh cau san han
Giua con nguoi thuong tao nhung kho dau
Tam long sau nham hiem ho khong mau
Dang tac hai len muon loai van vat !

Nao chu thuyet nao giao dieu duy nhat
Nao thanh kinh nao ly le quy ma
Nguoi giet nguoi van lay cung chang tha
Mang tuyet vong tran lan theo ngay thang !

Buon sa mac mot noi buon hoang vang
Noi cung ai biet chia xe cung ai ?
Xe tam tu om ap noi u hoai
Tim em a song cuoc doi tich tinh

Trong vang lang nay len long hieu kinh
Yeu dat troi non nuoc ca thien nhien
Cung uoc mo tuoi tam den cac mien
Mang tru phu xanh tuoi day suc song

Day chan ly hien hinh nguon cam hung
Song cho nguoi chang song chi vi ta
Tinh thuong yeu song nui mong chan hoa
Om boc khap bao la vom troi dat !


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