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{thoa phan} hom nay duoc len chuc cao !

Tac gia: Tlan
this about THOA PHAN

(TP) hom nay duoc len chuc cao
con vuon o rung hay monkey ! live in the forest .
she work a lot , to get money for webside . suck anybody .
that she or can !

People also ask !
what kind of animals is a monkey ?
is a monkey a wild animal ?
what is the kingdom of the monkey ?
what do monkey like to do ?

monkey are one of the funniest animals in nature .
They are full of curiosity and adventure, mischief and intelligence. but not THAO PHAN , if anybody ask , she the one , stupid, always lying.
A monkey would make a-great science project because, there are many.
defferent species that you could explore, and also, you
could study how monkeys evolved into human beings.

Although most monkeys look the same with their long arms and human-like faces,
there are over, 250 breeds, of this species. let's take a look at some of their similar ,


monkeys live in the jungle ( mostly tropical rain forests .
monkeys LOVE TO EAT , BANANAS but monkeys eat will anything that SMELL GOOD and BAD .
monkeys are sneaky , and in cities like Bangkok , they will steal food from street .
vendors, stores and unsuspecting tourists .
monkey have feelings just like , HUMANS LOVE, FEAR, compassion , HATE .

yesterday, she took many mans, that she can to have sex !

should I say she have more man , to her 3 hold , as much that she can .

if they don't answer , (TP) she sceam , LOUDLY , she wanted , she wanted , ha , ha , ha , may muon hong ??????

muon cai gi da ??????? Ape in the forest ???????????

that she want SEX, NOW . everyday .
( THOA PHAN ) she having sex in PUBLIC ! in the car sheet.

THOA PHAN , what do you mean?????? may muon hong ???????? ha , ha , ha more more ha, ha , at soon that she at home ! or any where ?????? WHY you do HARASSMENT ?????? for moneys ????? I know you need more money !!!!!!

{ about bananas } don't he have money for you ?????
ha ha ha ????????

everyday Thoa Phan, tell Monolito Augustin work at , place Thao Phan live ,
in the place , that Monolito Agustin work , Thoa Phan tell Monolito , you have to ,
get some one , to suck , this and that , other why , you want to see " what "

in 24 hrs, Phu Nguyen wife Dung, Monolito, Jito, Vuon, Jannieanh , Nghia Quang Lam ,

you name of your body , that from Thoa Phan , and them.
when she got F this F that, she go ha ha ha ha ha ha , Thao Phan so happy.
or the money came in her Pocket.

Thoa Phan you do it, you do it, over , over again , again !

and more Threats , in 24hrs a day.


Thoa Phan, lam di , uong sua duc , o ghe xe, vao cat cho ngot ngao , tien , tien , tien vao tui ..........

con Thoa Phan nay no cung co may nguoi lam cung voi no ! thanh thu cho nen , no o tren Quoc Te ra nat luon .

con may con voi no...... cung chung mot model XXX !

mot mai nho Thao , bi mot lat trang vao mieng thi nho Thoa uong sach .

phai chinh tui thay , cai mat cua con Thoa , khi no doi, cung an , tung giot sua do ........

that toi tan , low life , khong the ta .

no keu may nguoi quen voi toi , noi cho no nghe , tieu thiet , nhung , THOA PHAN & YVONNE ,

thay may con ban cua Thao ............ cung lam model , do ...........

ha, ha , ha. ha

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