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Tac gia: Hoang Ngoc Van

- Published by The International Library of Poetry (Anthology Flowering Splendor)
- AmeRecord Incorporation had signed a contract for publishing

I love my country ardently
With its serpentine rivers & mountains in chains
Villages & hamelets’re covered with bamboo clumps
My cheerful school roofs’re embellished by of palm trees

I like the wind to make my kite in high floating
Unsteady buffalo guardian’s under a slant sun of evening
Mom’s lullaby in her familiar voice of “Au o” vowels
On a sounding hammock, I was asleep with a towel

I love a little girl beyond the river shore
The beauty of ferry boat with her passengers
Melancholically I remember the communal temple
Banian tree and old pier’re there but where’s my love ?

Also, the shadow of the church’s seen from far distance
Through sunny & rainy season its echoeing bell
was sent
I love certain roofs of paddy in a countryside
In the evening their floating smokes stupefied
my bosom with sadness
Under a poor sky, their narrow days remain
as they’ve been
In a sudden, a coot sounds, my tears’re plentifully
shedding !
Homeland & country, both’re so gentle & mild
My remembrance’s then filled with melancholia
for Vietnam !
(*) Music by Joseph Huyen Pham


- Da duoc chon dang trong Tuyen Tap “Thu Vien Quoc Te Thi Ca”,
- Da duoc hang dia AmeRecord ky giao keo thau bang de phat hanh ra thi truong am nhac.

Toi yeu tha thiet nuoc toi,
Con song uon khuc, nui doi menh mang.
Luy tre bao boc xom lang,
Hang cau cao ngat mai truong than yeu.
Toi yeu ngon gio, canh dieu,
Muc dong ngat nguong, nang chieu
nghieng nghieng.
Au o tieng hat me hien,
Vong dua keo ket, toi yen giac nong.
Toi yeu co lai ben song,
Nhat khoan dua khach, ma hong xinh xinh.
Bang khuang toi nho mai dinh,
Cay da ben cu, an tinh mo suong.
Xa xa in bong giao duong,
Nang mua dam dai, tieng chuong vong ve.
Toi yeu mai ra xom que,
Khoi lam chieu toa, de me coi long.
Ben troi lan dan, long dong,
Vang nghe tieng Quoc, le trong nhat nhoa !
Que huong, dat nuoc hien hoa,
Nho thuong voi voi, son ha Viet Nam...

(*) Nhac si Pham Duc Huyen pho nhac ban Anh ngu
Nhac si Lynh Phuong pho nhac ban Viet ngu.


(To be published by “Voice of America Poetry”)

A paddy roof in a poor hamelet covered with smoke
A lonesome bird’s sounding on a branch of nut
A plaintive and wailing cry as weeping for one’s life
I’m missing thee days and nights !

Many a time I read thy poems until night oil running
I feel so melancholical with myself under a dim
My old love as longtime I miss
They hovered, rapture-bound ’tween wake & dream !

(*) Music by Joseph Huyen Pham

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