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niem co don

Tac gia: Mien Du
Toi dung co don mot goc doi
Lam tho de tang mot minh toi
Khoc cuoi, sau kho rieng toi biet
Ai hieu tinh toi phong kin roi!

Bao gio, u nhi nguoi ta hieu
Toi khoc, toi cuoi, chang phai toi
Nhung phut toi tim ve tinh lang
La hon tim den coi rieng toi

Cuoc doi that ngan voi thoi gian
Ma lai menh mong giua bat ngan
Muon an mot minh trong bong toi
Chim trong tham tham cua khong gian

Toi da nam yen mot goc troi
Dat kho om tron manh than coi
Co cay hoa la cung nhau song
Quyen lai dat troi chi co toi....!

Ca 10/20/02


I stand here alone, in a corner of this life,
Writing poetry for myself.
Amid laughter and tears, sorrow is my lot
Who will understand me, a recluse from all.

Will you understand that
When I cry, or laugh, it is not me
When I recede in silence
I reflect on myself.
Life is so short in time,
But is immense in the turmoil of winds and storms,

I wish to retreat in darkness
Plunging deeply in the abyss of space
I rest in a corner of the sky,
The dry earth concealing an orphaned body
Plants and grass grow in harmony
Alone, I am in between earth and sky

Translated by Binh Nhung

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