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Tac gia: Cat Bien
Vi em do anh cat mo vao lua
Va dem lua tung hoi tho doi mong
Vi em do anh pha may vang ua
Va nhat bay soi cuoi ven song

Vi em do anh gom roi danh mat
Bao buon vui xum hop phut chia tay
Vi em do anh chet loi oan nghiet
Cho giong song ua mach mau ham vay

Vi em do doi chan anh hang buoc
De doi khong con con bao hoa than
Vi em do anh rao kho lai uot
Chi vi hon ngap nuoc lu bang khuang

Vi em do song Nile qua sa mac
Dam noi sau kim tu thap buon lay
Vi em do anh lia xa pho cho
Lac chan vao mot trung thap rung cay

Vi em do anh hong mo vao lua
Trai to tam tung buoc loi em qua
Nhe chan nhe vi mo anh se ua
Em co nghe trung khoi song mu xa ?

Cat Bien

Ban dich sang Anh Ngu cua Binh Nhung -


Because of you, I preserve my dreams in silk
And shove each breath of longings.
Because of you, I paint the clouds in a withered hue
And load along the small pebbles from the riverbank.

Because of you, I gather then dismiss
So many joys and sadnesses in parting.
Because of you, I succomb to unjust blames
Washing the river flow with enslaving blood.

Because of you, my steps are faltering
Bestowed by the embodying storms
Because of you, I am drenched after being sere
For my soul is impregnated with the melancholic

Because of you, the Nile crosses the desert
Imbued with the sadness of the Pyramids.
Because of you, I leave the bustling city streets
Then end up in a vale amid the forest.

Because of you, I fan my dream in silk
Spreading the mesh from the cocoon over your path
Please tread lightly, the fabric of my dream is
Do you hear the wind whirling over the sea waves?

Translated by Binh Nhung

Cat Bien

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