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cuoi chan troi lang nghe

Tac gia: Tran Minh Hien
Nghe buon len moi mat
Mua dong tan khong hay
Gio hoang mang rat mat
Mot doi van con say

Noi xot xa doa day
Bam den thoi thuong nho
Dong song dem chay vay
Qua cuoc doi sa co

Nghe ngu ngo dai kho
Trang trong mua xa xu
Canh buom tho rong mo
Tren bien troi hien ngu

Nhung uoc mong tit mu
Trong buc tranh lang le
Nguoi tinh xua lu mu
Cuoi chan troi lang nghe
tran minh hien orlando ngay 15 thang 3 nam 2013
I still keep writing although nobody read anymore
It's absolutely fine, normal, even with lowest score
Love is ridiculously wrong, for you're deep in sore
Poetry is scarily nonsense, for life becomes so bored

People takes everything for granted, they don't know how long it takes
The car we ride on, how much time to make?
Do you understand the meaning of reality
Since day one, this universe is built by its own destiny
tran minh hien orlando March 15, 2013

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