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hau nhu tat ca deu lam loi (most foul)

by James Lenihan
I shot a man yesterday
And much to my surprise,
The strangest thing happened to me
I began to cry.

He was so young, so very young
And Fear was in his eyes,
He had left his home in Germany
And came to Holland to die.

And what about his Family
were they not praying for him?
Thank God they couldn’t see their son
And the man that had murdered him.

I knelt beside him
And held his hand–
I begged his forgiveness
Did he understand?

It was the War
And he was the enemy
If I hadn’t shot him
He would have shot me.

I saw he was dying
And I called him “Brother”
But he gasped out one word
And that word was “Mother.”

I shot a man yesterday
And much to surprise
A part of me died with Him
When Death came to close
His eyes.

Hom qua, toi ban han
Va qua doi ngac nhien
Dieu la lung xay den
Oa khoc rat hon nhien

Anh ta con tre lam
So trong mat chua voi
Xa que huong nuoc Duc
Chet Hoa Lan, xu nguoi

Gia dinh anh chang biet
Co nguyen cau cho anh?
Nguoi chet, va ke giet
On Chua! Ho chua nhin!

Ben anh, toi quy xuong
Va cam lay ban tay
Toi cau xin tha thu
Anh co hieu long nay?

Chien tranh la nhu the
Anh va toi ke thu
Neu toi khong no sung
Anh chang ban toi u?

Toi nhin anh lim giac
Va lay goi: “Anh oi!”
Nhung anh khe tho gap:
“Me!” – chi co mot loi.

Hom qua, toi ban han
Va ngac nhien rung roi
Mot phan toi chet han
Khi anh ay lia doi.
Tran Duc pho dich

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