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ao lua ha dong

Tac gia: Nguyen Sa
Nang Sai gon anh di ma chot mat
boi vi em mac ao lua Ha Dong
anh van yeu mau ao ay vo cung
tho cua anh van con nguyen lua trang

anh van nho em ngoi day toc ngan
ma mua thu dai lam o chung quanh
linh hon anh voi va ve chan dung
bay voi va vao trong hon mo cua

gap mot bua, anh da mung mot bua
gap hai hom thanh nhi hy cua tam hon
tho hoc tro anh chat lai thanh non
va doi mat ngat ngay thanh chat ruou

em khong noi da nghe tung gia dieu
em chua nhin ma da rong troi xanh
anh trong len bang doi mat chung tinh
voi tay trang, em vao tho diem tuyet

em chot den, chot di, anh van biet
troi chot mua, chot nang, chang vi dau
nhung sao di ma khong bao gi nhau
de anh goi, tieng tho buon vong lai

de anh gian, mat anh nhin vung dai
gian tho anh da noi chang nen loi
em di roi, sam hoi chay tren moi
nhung thang ngay tren vai buon bong nang

em o dau, hoi mua thu toc ngan
giu ho anh mau ao lua Ha Dong
anh van yeu mau ao ay vo cung
giu ho anh bai tho tinh lua trang

The Silk Dress

by Nguyen Sa
translated by Duong Xuan

On me suddenly cool the Saigon sun
for you are wearing your dress
of Ha Dong[1] silk
so much your silk dress I ever loved
my poem is still as pure as your silk

Yet I remember you sitting right here
while short was your hair
all around the autumn just lengthy
my soul hurriedly painted your portrait
then hurriedly displayed in my ready heart

A day seeing you a day of elation
seeing you for two days
the post-wedding's ecstasy
my adolescent poems I piled up a mountain
while your eyes ageing into the arousing wine

You had not said
I'd already heard
the whole symphony
you had not looked
the whole sky had already turned blue

My faithful love and I looked up to you
your virtuous hands and you
had nestled in our wonderful poem.
You came and went all too suddenly
of that I was always aware.

It was sunny then rainy all too suddenly
about that I did not really care.
But why leave without leaving a word?
Leaving without leaving
a word!

When I called!
only the confusion from my eyes
I got angry!

I got angry
as my poem did not say the word

Gone you have
and now repentance runs my lips
on my sad shoulders
time turns heavy

Where have you gone?
my short haired autumn!

Please save for me
your dress of Ha Dong silk
that silk dress
so much I always love

Save for me
the love poem in that pure silk!

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