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mung nha toi

Tac gia: Hoang Ngoc Van
(Bai nay da duoc nghe? si~ Dan Hu`ng da~ pho? tha`nh nha?c AVT)

Vo? toi bo~ng ho´a My~ gia`,
Ba? thi Quo´c ti?ch hom qua, da?u ro`i !
Toi lo an no´i, du´ng ngo`i,
Sao cho thi´ch u´ng vo´i moi truo`ng... da`m !
Dem khuya canh va´ng thi` tha`m,
Giao luu van ho´a cu~ng ca`m ba`ng thua !
Co´ co`n ca´ lo´c canh chua,
Ma´m tom, ru?a ma?n, ngheu dua xi` da`u ?
“Chie`u mua bien gio´i” ve` dau,
Tam tu cuo`n cuo?n gia?i sa`u cu`ng ai ?
Dau thuong, than nga´n tho? da`i,
Duo`ng do`i tri ky? la´y ai ba?n cu`ng !?
Ho` thu go?n so´ng, no?i su`ng,
Ba´t do`ng ngon ngu~, du`ng du`ng ai nghe ?
Muo`i hai be´n nuo´c, -trai que-,
Tu` nay nga´m ca?nh trang the` vo´i ai ?!
Di`u nhau ra de´n nuo´c ngoa`i,
Ai ham Quo´c ti?ch de? ai lo~ tho`i ?!
Tha~n tho` toi du´ng ho?i tro`i :
“Tri am lo~i nhi?p, bie?n khoi da´t ba`ng !...
Con xin cha´p no´i... chi? Ha`ng,
Do`ng huong do`ng die?u no´i nang hu~u ti`nh.
Thi?nh Nga`i cha´p thua?n... don xin”.

(She has just been an American Citizen)

My wife goes American Senior in a sudden !
She’s just been successful for American Citizenship
I’d worried about her in this new invironment !
For not to match the foreign style of socical
We both often exchanged each other for experiences
at night
In the viewpoint of literature, she’ll surely fail
without lie !
Her good hands’d be for cooking the fish soup
Preparing shrimp pate, clams & soya-bean sauced?
Where comes “The Evening Rain from the Frontier?
Rapid thoughts’re due to any distraction
from where ?
Pains or pangs for now short & now long
exclamations !
Whom she’s to express as close friend’s relation ?
Quiet like Autumn lake but suddenly raising waves
Due to different languages which one can be told
well ?!
“12 piers”, among 12 different years of age to seek
a partner
Who do I get company with to admire the
moonlit hither ?
We both together came here as exiling couple for
common sense
But she now goes American Citizen, I rest a
single resident ?!
In my melancholia state, I ask the Heaven :
“Spousal Harmony’s in decadence through Seas &
Continents !
* * *
May I get the... Moon as my partner now for
same language,
To be better comprehending each other ? Please
approve my case”!

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